curoRC about us


curoRC originated from the understanding that it is extremely competitive to be a successful martial arts school. With help from curoRC, you can succeed by


curoRC incorporates the newest ideas and the most up-to-date features.

curoRC helps with every aspect of your school by allowing you and your staff to spend less time and effort managing it. curoRC makes your work incredibly easy to stay up-to-date and take steps to better develop your school. curoRC generates more income for you and your school by increasing student retention, maintaining a close eye on your prospects, and providing full statistics on how well your school is doing.

curoRC is a state of the art, ALL-IN-ONE martial arts school solution.


curoRC’s state of the art management software is easy to use and has all the newest features to run a successful martial arts school. Automatic emails will communicate with users, students, and prospects regularly with “Email Automations”. Your payments will be received automatically on-time for every subscription with “Recurring Billing”. You can track your student’s progress and rank within programs with “Programs and Ranks Tracking”. curoRC has additional features such as “Reporting”, “Scheduling”, and “Secure Payment” to help you be more successful.

With curoRC and its most up-to-date features, you will be a successful martial arts school in this competitive world.
Recurring Billing

Automatic recurring billing system will get you paid on-time. All of your students payments will be received on its due date.

Event Scheduling

Quickly book your students for events and track their attendance.

Programs & Ranks Tracking

Easily monitor your students’ progress and identify which students need additional instruction.


Dashboard reports allow you to view key metrics for your martial arts school.

Email Automations

Automatic email setup makes it easy for you to build and keep good communication with your students and their families.

Secure Payment

Enable your student payments to be paid securely through


Affordable Plans

1 - 100 Students

$50Per Month

  • 100Students Allowed

101 - 250 Students

$75Per Month

  • 250Students Allowed

251 - 500 Students

$99Per Month

  • 500Students Allowed